Not much gets in the way between a kid and a pony. Just make the announcement that it’s barn time, and the blur of color that flies towards the car will for sure feature their riding boots and helmet, but the in between might include everything from a tutu to a swimsuit. They just can’t understand the imminent need for comfort and protection… after all, their friend Susie wants to see their new pool outfit!!!!!

As hard as it is to convince them that wearing a bikini top to the barn is not appropriate, it’s even harder to persuade that they need to protect themselves against more than a stomp on the foot, or falling on their head. The sense of empowerment and envensibility installed by being in the barn at a young age is excellent on most accounts, but not when it comes to reasoning about the amount of protection required when spending time in barn life.

As we discussed in  Here Comes The Sun, the exposure to the sun is unavoidable in barn life. Add in the life of a kid, and you have the time spent playing in the arena dirt, or picking paddocks (because nothing is better than handing a kid a pick and telling them to remove all the piles of poop from a contained area… instant quiet time!).

In addition to the sun, the barn exposes our kid’s skin to so many other potentially harmful elements: chemicals from fly spray and grooming products; and the bumps, bruises, scrapes and rubs that come from horse’s teeth, stirrup leathers, wooden poles, concrete pads, and pretty much every surface. By protecting them before you leave the house, you’ll save yourself some heartache on the ride home for sure.

Lucky for you, the innovators at Ovation know the dressing battle that comes with getting your little equestrian out the door. They have created an entire line of apparel that will not only keep them protected, but also fulfill their need to express their inner fashionistas.

  • They can copy their favorite trainer by wearing the Child’s Cool Rider Tech Long Sleeve Shirt. Featuring the same cooling technology, rapid dry time and UV protection as itss adult counterpart, your child will not only be safeguarded, but also stylish, having 8 different color options to be their “new favoritist color” of the day.


  • They can feel free to run and tumble (and ride) in the AeroWick ™ Silicone Knee Patch Tight. Featuring 4 way-stretch, shape retention, abrasion resistance, odor resistance, antimicrobial properties, UVA protection, and even repels hair and dirt. The comfy fit will prevent your kid from being the one picking their wedgy mid-lesson, and the twelve color choices will be a perfect compliment (or a perfect clash) to their Cool Rider Shirt.


  • And they can pull their whole look together by adding one of six color combinations of the Hearts & Horses Gloves & Half Chaps. This will protect your kids from blisters and rubs, making your barn-after-hours much more complaint free.



Thanks to these Always Amazing products, convincing your child that their protected-and-not-prematurely-aged skin will thank you 25 years from now won’t be necessary. They can just enjoy being a kid at the barn, and you can enjoy a quiet, complaint-free ride home.