Dressage is sooooo easy, right? I mean, they actually GIVE you the tests, so you can practice and practice and practice and practice and make everything just perfect. That way when you get to the show, everything is just on autopilot and nothing can go wrong. 

Then tell me, how come my brain usually goes something like this….

Enter A working trot. So far so good. We are trotting, we found the opening. SCORE! This test is going to be 10’s all the way thru. 

X Halt, Salute. Don’t salute with the whip in my hand. Alright, not quite square, but surely the judge was looking down for a second. Don’t salute with the whip in my hand. Stand immobile. Take a breath. Salute. S*&&^^ the whip was in my hand. 

C track right. Left? Right? Left? Right? Test 1 is right, so Test 2 is left. Or is that backwards. Am I riding test 1 or 2? Left, right, left, right. Right. It’s definitely Right. 

Bell rings. Gosh darn it, it was left. 

Redo. Turn left. Do some circles. La-dee-dah. Circles are fun. La-dee-dah. I wonder how Jessica’s test went? I wonder where we are eating dinner tonight? Oh shoot, I was supposed to be cantering somewhere.  Here seems good. No bell. We. Are. Awesome. Those millions of times practicing the test must be paying off. I can do this in my sleep. Maybe it would have helped if I would have gotten some sleep. Maybe I need a new pillow. Note-to-self buy a new pillow. 

X Halt, Salute. Don’t salute with the whip in my hand. Don’t salute with the whip in my hand. Don’tSaluteWithTheWhipInMyHand. S&###^ the whip was in my hand. 

Scrambled egg omelette (if there is such a thing), is what my brain does, pretty much immediately as I turn down the centerline. Sometimes there is a piece of bacon gold, where I actually remember to balance in the corners and prepare for a transition, but basically is a mushy mix of mushrooms and onions and spinach, just molding into one another, when I’m not exactly sure if I’m supposed to be medium walking or trotting, so we just do a mixture of both in a gate I like to call the wotting, until I can free walk the diagonal. 

Luckily for every scrambled-minded dressage rider, the innovators at #OvationNation have made it simple to look absolutely stunning… maybe even stunning enough to distract from your lack of a half halt before that downward transition… maybe. 

Let’s start with headwear… because if you can’t remember to salute without your whip in your hand, you might want to protect some of those brains… and perhaps try to blind the judge with some bling. The Z-6 Glitz Helmet provide both benefits. With a frosted accents, leather brim and harness, and adjustable dial fit, the Glitz will look beautiful in the ring, and with 6 color combinations, it will be sure to coordinate with any dressage-fashionista’s outfit. 


The Glitz may top-off the outfit, but the Mirabella Dress Boots start the whole thing off, with memory foam insoles, leather lining, full length zipper, and elastic gusset, they are as comfortable for the rider as they are nice to look at from the judges point of view.


In between the boots and the helmet, Ovation provides some serious comfort with the Aqua-X ™ Full Seat Breeches. These feature a stretch full-seat, making the diaper-butt feel a thing of the past and the technology built in to the Aqua-X ™ line of breeches, means they will feel cool, dry and odor free, even under the most heated competition.

When it comes to keeping the lid on our competition partner’s inner dressage giraffe, the ATS Dressage Bridles provide an anatomical fit that reduces pressure and eases muscle and nerve tension. Its quality craftmanship also provides an excellent first impression as you confidently trot down centerline. 


Staying in the saddle confidently is important as well. The Salinero II Dressage Saddle is the perfect combination of balance (without hindering the rider), fit for the horse, affordability, and comfort. And keeping the saddle on tight during your very best flying change (or your most exuberant), can be done with optimum comfort for your horse with the Europa ™ Shaped Contour Dressage Girth which features cushioning and moisture wicking premium sheepskin, and dual sided elastic with stainless steel buckles. 


And finally… let’s be honest. We all need a few more show pads. Ovation provides the perfect combination of sheepskin, shimmability, and show pad, with the Europa ™ Sheepskin 6-Shim Dressage Pad. With premium sheepskin, memory-foam shims, and a rolled wither, this pad provides ultimate comfort and ultimate style. 


So now that Ovation has you outfitted from poll to tail, and everything in between, you can concentrate on not saluting with your whip in your hand.