Let’s get personal.

We all have SBS. Summer Butt Sweat. It makes us dread pulling on thick, skin tight breeches. But of course horse people would be the ones to pull on partial-leather pants when it’s a billion degrees in the shade. And taking them off is even worse. Like peeling a microwaved banana, the process is just not pleasant.

And let’s just not even get into running errands after the barn… although it’s a great way to get people to avoid you!

Unfortunately, being outside in the heat and humidity is unavoidable in our sport. To add to the general hotness, there is also so much hosing, sponging and more hosing.

I’ve always just accepted the fact that feeling wet for a few months is a way of life – and not in the nice wet-hanging-out-floating-in-a-pool type.

But this year, my barn life is about to get cool as a pool – in the good way! .

The #AlwaysAmazing innovators at Ovation have put all the new textile technology to work to help us out with the SBS issue. The line of AQUA-X ™ breeches finally put the days of baby powder before dressing, and yoga-move undressing behind us.

Let’s look at some of the technical aspects:

  • IceSilk ™ inner skin that literally reduces body temperature. Ever feel like your skin is baking in your breeches? Yeah… not anymore.
  • ChannelFlex ™ woven tehnology are 2-way stretch channels that circulate moisture away.  That sitting trot is going to feel so much more comfortable.
  • RepelTech ™ outside fabric makes them resistant to dirt, hair, and abrasion. Yay for offending less people at the grocery store run!
  • FreshLock ™ technology makes them odor resistant and antimicrobial. Really, they had me at odor resistant.
  • UltaUV ™ provides maximum UPF 50+ protection against 98% of UVA. Because we ALL need to protect every part of our skin from damaging rays… we’ll leave the body damage to naughty baby horses.


While all of the space-age sounding technology (seriously, how do they get a fabric to do all of that?) is amazing, the non-technical aspect is that these are flattering for any shape.. Because let’s be honest, SBS does not discriminate. They add security in the saddle, and definitely make me feel more secure when forced to wear skin tight pants in public. Even in the hottest weather, AQUA X breeches truely are Always Amazing.