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Ovation offers an extensive collection of high-performance riding breeches, riding tights and jodhpurs tailored to support any rider throughout the year. Discover an array of full seat breeches, knee patch breeches, tights and jodpurs to fit your passion. We offer winter riding breeches perfect for cold weather riding, alongside lightweight, everyday breeches and tights equipped with innovative materials.

Women's Full Seat Breeches

A full seat breech is a riding pant that has a grip material covering the entire inside of your legs up to your seat. This material helps you stick to the saddle and have more control and stability in your riding. Full seat breeches are popular among dressage riders, but they can also benefit riders of other disciplines who want more security and comfort.

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Women's Knee Patch Breeches

A knee patch breech has a grip material on the inside of the knees. This material helps the rider to stay in contact with the saddle and have more control over the horse. Knee patch breeches are usually worn by hunter-jumper riders, who need to move their upper body freely while keeping a strong leg position, but can be worn for everyday based on the riders preference.

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Women's Riding Tights

Equestrian riding tights offer comfort and flexibility, providing a streamlined fit that enhances movement and agility. Available in knee patches or full-seat grip for improved stability and enhanced grip, ensuring a secure seat while riding. Our tights offer superior moisture-wicking properties, keeping the rider dry and comfortable even during intense workouts or long hours in the saddle.

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Women's Riding Jodpurs

An equestrian jodhpur pant offers a traditional yet functional design, providing exceptional durability and comfort for riders. These pants feature reinforced seams and patches in high-friction areas, ensuring longevity and reliability during rigorous riding sessions. With their tailored fit and enhanced flexibility, jodhpurs facilitate greater freedom of movement, allowing riders to maintain proper form and control in the saddle

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