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Black Vintage Rein Collection

Gallop to Greatness this Autumn with our Vintage Reins Collection

Style and function in equestrian apparel depend on the right outfit. The fit is the essential, ensuring that you are comfortable and confident in the saddle. Equally important is the choice of fabric—opt for innovative materials that stretch and breathe, keeping you cool and flexible. When you prioritize fit and fabric, you’re not just choosing an outfit, you’re investing in an enhanced riding experience for yourself and your horse.

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You can shop the look by clicking on the links in the photo or browse our collections for more options. Whether you are looking for a casual or a competitive look, we have the products that suit your style and budget. At Ovation Riding, we are passionate about horses and riding, and we want to help you look your best.

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Women's Altitude Printed Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

Ovation Riding offers a variety of women’s sunshirts and tops designed to keep you cool, comfortable, and stylish in the saddle.

Our Altitude shirts offers just that! Moisture-wicking fabric keeping you dry and fresh throughout your ride. UV protection with UPF 50+ rating. Stretch and breathability that allows you to move freely and comfortably in the saddle.

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M-Class Mips Helmet

The Ovation M-Class MIPS Helmet also has a sleek design and a lightweight shell that is made of durable polycarbonate. The helmet has a dial fit system that allows you to adjust the fit to your preference. The helmet also has a removable and washable liner that is made of antimicrobial fabric. The helmet has a large visor that provides shade and ventilation. The Ovation M-Class MIPS Helmet is a helmet that combines safety, style, and comfort. It is a helmet that you can trust to protect your head and enhance your riding experience. Whether you are riding on the trails, in the arena, or in a competition, the Ovation M-Class MIPS Helmet is the perfect choice for you.

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