In the market for a new saddle?  Look no further! Ovation offers a wide range of saddles at price points that won’t break the bank. Ovation saddles come in close contact, dressage, as well as all-purpose styles. All Ovation Saddles are crafted from beautiful high-quality leather and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the rider, as well as the XCH interchangeable gullet system to ensure a perfect fit for your horse or pony. 

Ovation Competition Show Jump Saddle w/XCH™

The Ovation Competition Show Jumping Saddle comes in an attractive, rich hazelnut color, which is perfect for the show ring.  The saddle features the XCH™ interchangeable gullet system meaning the rider can modify the width of the tree using Ovation gullet plates with only a screwdriver. It’s really that simple! The system does not change the integrity or look of the saddle. A saddle with a medium gullet plate installed looks and fits exactly like a standard medium fixed-tree saddle. The strength is the same, the feel is the same. The tree can perfectly adapt itself to the withers and back of virtually any horse. The tree size can be changed from Narrow up to XXX-Wide.

This is my first saddle ever and I am absolutely in love. I just got it a couple of days ago but the color is beautiful and it is very comfortable to sit in. The forward flap is very nice to have and makes it easier for me to raise my stirrups up for jumping without my leg hanging over front. This saddle also looks beautiful when oiled and accepts oil very nicely. Its truly a great buy! Since I don’t own my horse (I lease) the interchangeable gullet system is a wonderful feature and will allow me to have this saddle for many years to come. I plan on riding for a very very long time and since I’m off to collage in a couple of years this will be a very nice piece of equipment to have!” – Julia (Ovation Riding customer)

Fantastic saddle for the price! I’ve owned this saddle for 2 years now and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s comfortable and stylish and holds up very well. The color is a reddish brown which I have found difficult to match the bridle and girth to but other than that, no complaints. The long flap is wonderful for tall riders. The interchangeable gullet is great to have and the saddle fits my horse perfectly. I would highly recommend this saddle, it’s more than worth the money!” – Beth (Ovation Riding customer)

Ovation Salinero Dressage Saddle

The Ovation Salinero Dressage Saddle offers balance without forcing the rider into position. This saddle offers proven fit and comfort, with its ready to ride leather, without compromising affordability. Features ultra grippy covered leather, XCH™ interchangeable gullet plate system, synthetic wool-flocked panels, and Velcro repositionable knee rolls. Comes with medium wide gullet plate installed. Other size gullet plates are available from Narrow thru X-Wide. As with all Ovation saddles, the Salinero comes with a lifetime adjustable tree warranty.

Ovation San Diego Saddle

The Ovation San Diego Saddle is one of our most popular saddles with both jumpers and eventers alike. This stylish jump saddle features Euro styling details. Offers correct balance, proven fit, and a comfortable grippy covered leather. Features the XCH™ Interchangeable Gullet System, performance-proven Bayflex panels, triangle knee rolls, and thigh blocks.

I have had Antares Saddles and CWDs. I have rode in many high name brand saddles from PJ, Voltaire, Devoucoux, and more. I would say this saddle would fall in with these saddles or exceed. Its a medium deep seat and it helps place your leg under you. I would recommend this saddle.” – CWhitaker (Ovation Riding customer)

I love this saddle! I just bought it, its so soft, and already feels broken it. Best saddle I ever bought!” – Taylor Thayen (Ovation Riding customer)

Just bought this saddle on Saturday morning and it is amazing! The leather is soft and buttery, the fit is perfect for my horse and I know I am going to get years of fun out of it. Well worth the money!” – Melissa (Ovation Riding customer)\

Ovation Palermo Saddle

The classic Ovation Palermo Saddle comes in a traditional Oakbark color. This close contact saddle features added details for today’s rider. Correct balance, proven fit, comfortable grippy covered leather with that “ready-to-ride” feel are all hallmarks of the Ovation Sellerie saddle collection. Features the XCH™ Interchangeable Gullet System, performance-proven Bayflex panels, triangle knee rolls, and thigh blocks.

I’ve had this saddle for almost a year now and I honestly love it to pieces. When you first ride in it, it feels like you’re riding on a cloud. I love the deep seat which helps me feel my horse better. It fits my horse very nicely and he seems to be comfortable and forward with it on. The leather is so soft and cleans up really nice. I love the rolls which keep my leg in a nice position. This saddle is so comfortable and everyone who has ridden in my saddle has said the same thing. I could go on forever! I recommend this saddle to anybody who is looking for an inexpensive saddle that is great quality.” – McKenzie (Ovation Riding customer)

“I purchased this saddle a few months ago and I LOVE IT! I have no idea why anyone would waste their money on a $5,000 custom saddle when the saddles in the Ovation Sellerie collection are comfortable, beautiful, good quality equipment. Granted, I don’t have a hard-to-fit horse, but she adores this saddle. She’s never moved so freely and forwardly in her life (and I had a Bruno Delgrange previously). My body is so grateful for the comfortable seat and flap, and my eyes love the soft, buttery calfskin and European styling. I could go on all day!” – Hailee (Ovation Riding customer)

Ovation San Telmo Saddle

The Ovation San Telmo Saddle was designed with the long, lean, leggy rider in mind and features a more forward-set flap (the flap is not just more forward – it’s longer, with the forward point at the bottom third of the flap instead of halfway up). Features the same XCH™ Interchangeable Gullet System as all of the other saddles in the Ovation Sellerie collection range. Comes in a traditional Oakbark color.

In love with this saddle. I am able to use it on my very wide Oldenburg and then put it on a skinny thoroughbred and it fits well on both. The leather is very grippy, and although it will scratch easily if your belt slightly scrapes it or the zipper on your boot rubs, the scrapes easily come out with a quick clean. Bought this almost 2 years ago when I was 5’6 and now I’m 5’8 and the saddle still fits me very well! It was the only one we could find that worked for my very long legs but wasn’t the price of a custom. Thank you ovation for making an affordable and well made saddle that my legs can fit on!” – Hannah (Ovation Riding customer)

Wow! I am thrilled with this saddle. It is indeed made for long legged riders. I am 6′ tall and all leg and this saddle fits like it’s been custom made for me. The new grippy leather is very nice and feels like it will break in very quickly. The saddle has a very nice balance and I like the interchangeable gullet option. This is a well made, very nice value saddle option for long legged riders! Thank you Ovation.” – Brenda (Ovation Riding customer)

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