What is it about celebrities that make them seem so much larger-than-life? They seem taller, fitter, funnier, and more elegant than any of us ‘normal people’ will ever be. 

The same goes for our riding ‘celebrities’. Although slightly more accessible (I’m not sure Ryan Reynold’s teaches clinics, but Boyd Martin certainly does!), they still have a set of seemingly inaccessible skills — their legs are longer in a dressage saddle, they get more scope out of every hunter, and they don’t seem to sweat under pressure. 

Now, the #AlwaysAmazing innovators are pretty phenomenal, but they cannot make you Kent Farrington. But they can help you be on the way to riding more like him. 

Let me introduce you to the Celebrity Ultra Grip Full Seat Breeches… your new ticket to feeling as cool as a celebrity. 

Do you want to feel slimmer/taller?  The technologically advanced fabric magically smooths out your leg’s appearance, and makes everything feel ‘tucked in’ and red-carpet ready without feeling heavy, thick, or bunching. 

Want to always appear like you’ve just left the stylist?  The same slimming fabric also repels dirt and hair, while also being abrasion resistant, so your fresh look will last wear-after-wear.

Want to always smell fresh, even after you’ve done all your own stunts?  FreshLock ™ technology is odor-resistant and antimicrobial, so no one will know just how much you were sweating that roll-back turn to fence 5. 

Want to glisten instead of sweat? The same fabric technology that provides odor resistance, also works to pull heat away from the body, making you feel cooler, even in the hottest days.  

And want your leg to never move, even when Princess spooks at the flowers as you enter the ring? Grip-Tec ™ Silicone gives you that extra confidence to ride out the biggest of bascules and the most spontaneous of spooks, all while looking as cool and collected as you feel. 

So my wonderful people of #OvationNation, get ready to strut your red-carpet readiness… you’ll be riding (kind of) like a celebrity in no time.