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Protege Helmet

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Do you ever feel like your helmet it ‘just too much’? It’s too hot, too heavy, too tight, too loose. This helmet isn’t too much of anything, except protective. You’ll be minding your melon while staying cool, fresh, comfortable, and stylish.

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Product Code: 467716

All you need to know about the

Protege Helmet


  •  Made of lightweight, high density ABS material
  • Sleek low-profile design
  • Extended back shell
  • Adjustable dial to ensure a more secure fit
  • Removable mesh liner
  • SEI Certified to ASTM standards
  • U.S. Patent# D424,246

8 reviews for Protege Helmet

  1. Vanessa

    I love this helmet, I got it as a birthday present last year. It’s a very comfortable helmet and fits great. I’m very glad I have it as I’ve been thrown a few times in the last while. I’ve actually never owned a riding helmet before then. It’s a perfect schooling helmet, I’d definitely buy it again except in a matte finish, I think it would look better, but as long as it works I guess. It’s a great price and very comfortable!

  2. Alexi

    I bought this helmet after a bad accident in the summer of 2014 where my much cheaper helmet did not do a very good job of protecting my head. I am so glad I switched to Ovation because two weeks ago I fell off again. My arm is pretty badly messed up but my head seems to have come through unscathed. I will be purchasing a new one promptly.
    My parents are older riders and were so impressed with the helmet that they both purchased one for themselves in the matte style.
    This helmet is comfortable and by far one of the best looking on the market. It is a small price to pay for your life!

  3. Catherine McCarrell

    I purchased this helmet two years ago because it was the most comfortable, well-fitting riding helmet I ever tried on and the price is a great value. The dial adjustment in the back makes it fit better than a glove. Yesterday I was thrown from my horse after a bad jump and this helmet saved my life. I landed hard on my head and got a concussion, but I’m still here to write this review. Thank you Ovation for designing a helmet that is easy and stylish to wear and is such an essential piece of equipment. I will be purchasing a new one right away!

  4. Lisa

  5. Bethany

    I actually wear this helmet. I bought this as a replacement for an old schooling helmet that had warped from sitting in my trailer over too many summers because it was hot and heavy. This is a much safer helmet because it is on my head when I ride instead of collecting dust in my trailer.

  6. Laura

    This helmet saved my life. I was bucked off my horse 3 weeks ago and landed on my head. My horse trying to avoid me kicked my head with his hoof. I was unconscious for several minutes but emerged with only a concussion and a slight compression fracture of a vertebra. If it was not for my ovation protege helmet, I would not be here. Thank you Ovation

  7. CarmieJo

    I bought this helmet about a year ago have been very pleased with it. My head is small and more of an oval shape and the fit of the Ovation Protege is perfect for me. If your head is more of a round shape it may not fit as well. It is lightweight, well ventilated and has been durable. I also like the molded in visor which means it stays in place.

  8. Jess

    I bought this helmet as a replacement for an older style helmet that I’ve had for about three-four years. I have a hard time finding helmets to fit my head as it is very small and this one FIT perfectly! unlike similar style helmets it has a dial which for me is a HUGE selling point also the colors are the GREATEST! I have one in pink and it matches all my tack! It’s comfortable and I find my head doesn’t feel like it’s been confined in an oven. THIS really is the best helmet EVER!

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