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Deluxe Schooler Helmet

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Do you ever feel like your helmet it ‘just too much’? It’s too hot, too heavy, too tight, too loose. This helmet isn’t too much of anything, except protective. You’ll be minding your melon while staying cool, fresh, comfortable, and stylish.

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Product Code: 467566

All you need to know about the

Deluxe Schooler Helmet


  • Lightweight, low profile
  • Rubberized finish
  • Long lasting adjustable dial for appropriate fit
  • High flow vents
  • Removable washable liner
  • Removable breakaway visor
  • Exclusive YKK® adjuster clip and buckle
  • Certified to ASTM standards

15 reviews for Deluxe Schooler Helmet

  1. Elizabeth

    I got this helmet a little over a year ago and its already falling apart. The lining is shredding and the padding is falling out from around the fitting system. At this point its basically not usable. If you are looking for a cheap helmet I guess it would be OK but don’t expect it to last more than about a year.

  2. Angel’s Cobalt

    I love this helmet! I’ve been riding in one of these for I think the past 4-5 years. My first one was great, and I used it until I grew out of it. I had a fall in my second one and I was completely fine after. (still bought a new one of course) I’ve ridden in that new one since. I ride once a week, and also use that helmet for the small shows that I do. I clean it fairly regularly, but other than that I don’t really care for it in any special way and it has held up great. lastly, it’s super comfy! Although I do get pretty hot in it in the summer, and since I have the black one it will get very hot to the touch. It adjusts very well with the knob thing in the back. Overall It’s a great helmet and it won’t break the bank. The only reason I didn’t give this all five stars is because I’m sure like a Samsheild or other high end helmet is a bit better but as affordable helmets go, I would definitely recommend this one.

  3. anne

    I like the overall features of this schooling helmet (sizing, weight,pricepoint,ventilation.) I HATE the moisture wicking (aka synthetic) liner. Once it gets funky with sweat there is no getting the smell out- I’ve tried All detergent, dish soap, orvis. THIS wouldn’t happen if the lining was cotton terry that you could bleach. Also the harness was a bit too long to adjust the strap comfortably under your chin.

  4. Debbie

    I’ve had my Ovation helmet for 2 years now and I love it. Nice and light and fits my head well. My daughter grabs mine before she will used her troxel.


    I bought this helmet because of the price and low profile. I trail ride alone a lot and wanted to make sure that if I was injured I would be able to walk or ride home. Well it worked. I rode for 3 years with no incident. This helmet held up fine and is very comfortable and cool. Yesterday I took a nasty fall on rocks while riding. I ended up landing on my back skidding down the trail head first. Although I felt the bump to my head, and had a bit of a headache, this helmat saved me. I’m still bumped and bruised all over but I was able to walk off the mountain. I still went to the ER and they confirmed, this helmet saved me from brain injury and maybe death. I’m going to buy another one.

  6. Diane Reid

    This is a very nice helmet with an exceptional fit for my students, the Quantum and the schooler fit different size heads from the ears to the top of your head s/m and m/l are really nice fits and if you can find a lighter easier to use helmet let me know! love the color choices and sizes

  7. Skittle

    I bought this helmet for breaking my filly. I’d never worn a helmet before, but was impressed with how comfortable this one is. After I bought it and wore it a couple times, I showed it to my friend who commented on what a nice helmet it was, and she shows and wears helmets all the time. I’m very impressed with the price, safety ratings, and the comfort level this helmet provides.

  8. Christina

    OK, I admit the first reason I bought this helmet was that it was the cheapest helmet that looked good that I could fine.
    All I wanted was a barn helmet that was safety rated.

    I am so surprised at how well it fits and how comfortable it is!
    As a plus, I don’t have a bowling ball on my head either!

    I have had it for about 9 months. Easy on and off. The ponytail cutout is in the perfect place. It stays in place without digging into my forehead. The vents keep my head from becoming a dripping mess. The straps stay the same length. It is so lightweight that you really don’t even realize it is up there. The dial works well to keep things snug.

    All in all a top bargain! I recommend it to all my students for a perfect lesson helmet!

    I would buy this again in heartbeat

  9. Jen

    Great helmet, but too small for me to wear! It needs to come in a large/extra large size.

  10. Linda W.

    Love this helmet! Very comfortable yet lightweight! Compared to the others I tried on, this one is amazing! It’s also received high safety ratings! I couldn’t have asked for more!

  11. Lea L

    Just got this helmet and it is amazing. I use it for cross country and it just stays in place. Not once has it slipped down in the front like my old helmets used to do. And it is very light and airy.

    The purple helmet is a bit lighter that the picture though. But still a very nice colour.

  12. LoveRiding

    I love this helmet! I got it for lessons and trailing (but it’s IEA apporved!) and it fits soo nice. It’s really sleek and not bulky at all. There’s a "crank" I guess you can call it that tightens then front and back so it fits to your head! Love this helmet. 🙂

  13. Theresa M Falzone

    I’ve been wearing Ovation Helmets for Many years. Thank you Ovation for offering a great variety of sizes! My Granddaughter and I now have matching “OV’s” ❣️

  14. Lela Ganske

    I returned it because the ear strap and buckle were very odd and did not fit. The strap is very wide and short, and the buckle hits your ear/jaw, disappointing.

  15. Renee Parker

    This is a great helmet. It’s a good price but still provides great protection. I fell off and hit my head on the arena fence on the way down. I got a slight headache but was able to walk way from a fall that could have been very bad without this helmet. Going to buy another one.

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