Model is wearing:
• Tyra Jacket in navy
• Equinox 3 Season Tight in steel grey
Cold, wet feet can be the end to your outside time in the Winter. This year treat yourself to footwear that will keep you toasty and dryso you don’t have to come inside until you are ready!

Model is wearing:
• Winter breech in Steel Grey
• Highlander Winter Boot
• Thermoflex Winter Gloves
Fleece Tights
Normally a hot bath is all that can warm you up when you have been outside in the Winter. With Ovation’s cozy fleece lined tights, you won’t get frozen to the core and you can spend more time outside enjoying your ride

Model is wearing:
• Equinox 3 Season Tights in indigo
• Glacier paddocks.
Frosty the pony may be less than amused being out in the cold, but you will have a big smile on your face dressed in Ovation outerwear when you brave the elements this Winter.

Model is wearing:
• Tyra Jacket in Dark Navy
• Equinox 3 Season Tights in Steel Grey
• Telluride Boot
You’ll need more than hot chocolate to keep your hands warm this Winter! Ovation has a wide range of gloves for barn work and for riding.

Model is wearing:
• Tyra Jacket in Demitasse
• Equinox 3 Season Tights in Deep Teal
• Allana Boots
• ThermaFlex Gloves in brown