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Winter Kite Flying

With the weather changing to cold and hours of sunlight getting shorter, I bet you think it’s a weird time to talk about kites, but hear me out. In order to fly a kite, we need to be able to move around – to nimbly execute precision control. We want to have this control in order to avoid crashing our kite into a group of unsuspecting bystanders, or, worse yet, having the kite break free, forcing us to chase it through holler and field. 

And no, I’m not talking about a colorful kite with a rainbow tail of bows. I’m talking the 1200lb kind, full of hay and grain and your hard earned money. Something about the brisk air sends them into orbit sometimes, and we need to be ready. 

Luckily, the innovators at Ovation have made it so we can stay warm, and mobile… allowing us to tap into our most athletic self to control our kites. 

Let’s start with footwear… because the only thing worse than having your foot stepped on, is having a COLD foot stepped on. With the Telluride Winter Boot, that worry is a thing of the past. The TPR rubber sole provides grip in the stirrup, but also while you are skiing behind your kite. It’s waterproof foot and water-resistant upper make it so you stay dry (the number 1 step in also staying warm), and laces, combined with a rear zipper make sure that the fit is perfect.

Moving on up, Ovation has provided us with super warm, super soft, and super grippy Winter Pull-On Silicone Knee Patch Breeches. They eliminate the “breech imprint” of having layers and layers embedded into your skin with the soft brushed lining that leaves you warm on cold days, but not too warm on the not-so-cold days. And the GRIP-TEC™ SILICONE makes sure you stick to the saddle, should you attempt to ride your kite.

On top, we all know that the secret is the ability to layer.  Because you may need a lot of added warmth leading the kite in, but may have ignited the internal furnace (aka adrenaline) by the time you get on to ride. 

The Selena Tech Top is the perfect way to start your layers. Its 4-way Power Stretch ensures you never feel constricted or strangled by your own clothes.  It’s also brushed on the inside, for a super soft feel against your skin. It is also moisture wicking with ventilated under arms, so make sure you stay cool under pressure, while keeping you warm.

Next up, Ovation has perfectly paired the best elements of both a softshell jacket and a vest, with the Darlene Jacket. It’s trendy style, makes it so you’ll look good while chasing your kite over the frosted ground, and it’s water resistant, so you’ll be warm, and protected from the elements.

For the days when the elements are just a bit more brutal, Ovation brings you the Tyra Jacket.  More coverage with the mid-thigh length, plus zippers on the hood and back so make it so you can have protection while in the tack as well.

And finally we have the most important body part to protect.  They say if you keep your hands warm, you’ll feel warm all over. I can also say, without a doubt, that if you keep feeling in your hands, that you’ll be able to control your kite better. The Thermaflex™ Winter Gloves provide superior movement and flexibility for ultimate control in and out of the saddle, plus they are waterproof, which means you can keep them on while you fill water troughs. And the SmartTap™ touch screen finger makes sure that you stay connected, even when no one else wants to brave the elements at the barn.

With all the innovative products Ovation has to keep you warm, you’ll definitely be enjoying your kite flying much more this winter! 

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