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Retail Therapy without the letdown

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Retail therapy is commonly thought of as a short-lived way to improve the mood of the buyer, quickly followed by a comedown or withdrawal period. But that high feels so good, and as you walk around the show grounds it’s easy to get caught up in the hottest new trends and a want to drown your sorrow of that added stride in the nearest tack trailer. 

But then comes the downward spiral of looking disappointingly at your receipt. The realization of just how many horse shoes or vet bills your shopping spree could have covered slowly darkening your mood beyond what any paisley lined show collar can brighten. 

Yes, we operate in a very expensive equestrian world. Say you left your entire garment bag laying on your couch at home, realizing it only as you got to the show hours away, and no fellow competitors had anything in your size. **Usually** you’d be looking at well over $1000 to completely outfit yourself (boots, socks, breeches, shirt, jacket). 

But luckily we have the #AlwaysAmazing innovators at Ovation have a solution to all your retail therapy needs – without the sadness of the receipt, or the withdrawal period since you can afford to just keep shopping. A whole outfit for about half of what it would cost, and still with the latest fashion and style – because let’s be honest, we aren’t indulging our retail fantasies to NOT be up on the latest trends. 

Show CoatDestiny 4-Button Show Coat – Gone are the days of button gapping, fabric puckering, and claustrophobic shoulders. The Destiny Show Coat has a hidden zipper, double back vent, and slim fit, making it easy for you to feel comfortable and look the part. 


Show Shirt Destiny Evercool Long Sleeve Show Shirt – Seriously, how fun are all the different lined collars and cufflinks of the Destiny show shirt? Not to mention the advanced fabric that makes it wicking, cool, clean, and odor resistant.  Nervous about stepping up to the 3’ classes? Good news is that your shirt will help you hide your nervous sweat! And it’s so cost effective you can buy a new color for each day! 


Breeches Aqua-X ™ Stretch Suede ™ Knee Patch Breech – It’s summer, and the last thing you want to indulge yourself in is traditional thick breeches that are a pain to wedge on, kinda gross to pull off, and not all rainbows and butterflies wearing them all day. On the contrary the Aqua-X ™ breeches retain the traditional look that is so important in the show ring, while providing textile technology that reduces body temperature, repels dirt and abrasion, and wears like a comfy pair of yoga pants. 


BootsFlex Sport ™ Field Boots – Just like their more expensive cousins, the Flex Sport ™ Boots are crafted from premium cowhide with a cuff lining of pigskin leather, and added stretch panels. These boots feel instantly broken in, with flexible ankle and comfortable shoe bed. And they instantly provide the classic look with toe cap styling, detailing and elegant fit. 


Ta-da! You are now freshly outfitted, and you don’t have to hide your receipt from your significant other. Feel free to enjoy the comfortable fit and feel, while your newfound confidence blows away the competition.