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Slip On Muckmaster Boot

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Crazy horse sounds crazy, right? But it’s a process that makes cow hide magical – improving the look and feel as they age. Scrape them, get them wet, ride in them, and then wear them with your favorite pair of jeans. They are the ultimate barn/everyday boot.

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Product Code: 471023

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Slip On Muckmaster Boot


  • Waxed Crazy Horse leather (produced by applying a specific kind of wax to a full grain cowhide leather surface which has been buffed and smoothed out)
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Rubber anti-skid sole that is oil-resistant
  • Stirrup stopper heal

1 review for Slip On Muckmaster Boot

  1. Liz Marks

    I live on a small horse farm and am in and out of my muck boots multiple times a day. Was elated when my husband bought me these for Christmas in December and I have loved them every day since until the past couple of weeks. Sadly, the toe on the right show has already come apart from the shoe and it is no longer waterproof. I love Ovation products but was extremely disappointed these didn’t last more than 5 months just wearing them daily around the barn.

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