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Mudster Barn Shoe

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There are a lot of elements that a barn shoe has to deal with – wet, muck, concrete, dirt, uneven ground. And this shoe takes all those things in ‘stride’, all while keeping your feet happy. Convenient and comfortable, these are truly the ultimate barn essential apparel.

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Product Code: 469605

All you need to know about the

Mudster Barn Shoe


  • Easy on/off slip on barn shoe
  • Waterproof
  • Self-insulating
  • Rubber upper and Neoprene shell
  • Comfortable and flexible for all day wear
  • 4″ height

1 review for Mudster Barn Shoe

  1. Amy

    I have seriously found my new favorite barn/garden shoe. Easy to put on but the top is tight enough to keep out loose dirt, hay, and hair which was my biggest peeve with my Duck Boot slip ons. Super lightweight and flexible.
    My only word of caution is that there is no arch support…these are like minimalist shoes so if you can’t tolerate that, these aren’t for you. I’m fine with them.

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