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Ovation Helmets Save The Day!

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Did you know…..? Ovation offers a range of ASTM certified helmets at an affordable price. Whether you are schooling or showing, we have a helmet for you. We even have helmets designed to fit the tiniest of heads.

Several of our customers have recently shared with us stories about how their Ovation helmets saved the day (and their head). Here are a few of their stories…

Ovation Synch Helmet

15350657_10154236671134366_5020525794874742883_nVery pro helmet these days! Was on an endurance training ride, when the horse I was on bolted downhill. I apparently came off over his shoulder (no personal memory of it), shattered my wrist and landed on my head. I was out cold 20 minutes, and woke up in the ICU intubated. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital, with almost zero memory of the first week and slightly more of the second. I’m on month 3 of rehab, have almost regained normal (not double) vision, and am slowly getting back to normal life. I just had my first very short ride on an extremely well behaved horse, and can look forward to many more all thanks to my Ovation Synch Helmet!” – Jenna Marin

Ovation Schooler Helmet

14947816_10154159597929366_7984730058968999638_nWEAR YOUR HELMET! Y’all! This happened to me. My horse Ava was walking along on a loose rein down a hill, caught her toe and did a rotational fall. She did a face plant. I flipped off and landed on my neck and shoulder and HEAD. Guys! look at the crack it put in my Ovation Schooler helmet! The force somehow embedded my glasses in my nose. I’m kinda bruised up. And I hate stupid injury photos on Facebook but dang. I ride alone and if I didn’t have my helmet on I guess I might still be lying out there on the ground. I’m feeling so grateful (but also trying to decide if I should go get an x-ray.).” – Mary Cour Burrows

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-12-40-43-pmYour Ovation Schooler helmet saved my life. I took a fall off my horse on Monday. It was nothing spectacular, she was bucking & I lost my seat. The thing is, when I landed I hit my head hard. I knocked myself out cold for about half an hour. I had a seizure during that time. An ambulance was called, after I was loaded, I had another small seizure & started vomiting. I don’t remember much, in fact I don’t remember the entire weekend. When I got to the hospital they moved pretty quick getting me tested, taking a look to see if I had a brain bleed or swelling. This is also a blur & I don’t remember much other than snippets. Thankfully nothing was found. I was sent home with a separated shoulder, torn ribs and a grade 2 concussion. Here is the thing, the doctor told me “without that helmet you may not have woken up, you’re lucky!” The location I hit my head is apparently quite bad for long term brain injury In my early twenties an acquaintance of mine died in a fall due to head injury. I started wearing a helmet then. After having kids it became even more important to me to wear a helmet. EVERY single time I swing my leg over the saddle I put a helmet on. Riding western, it’s not the cool thing to do. Thank you Ovation.” – Jacqueline Rennie-Pieters

I bought an Ovation Schooler helmet because of the price and low profile. I trail ride alone a lot and wanted to make sure that if I was injured I would be able to walk or ride home. Well it worked. I rode for 3 years with no incident. This helmet held up fine and is very comfortable and cool. Yesterday I took a nasty fall on rocks while riding. I ended up landing on my back skidding down the trail head first. Although I felt the bump to my head, and had a bit of a headache, this helmet saved me. I’m still bumped and bruised all over but I was able to walk off the mountain. I still went to the ER and they confirmed, the helmet saved me from brain injury and maybe death. I’m going to buy another one.” – DUBBEAN ( Customer)

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