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International Helmet Awareness Day 2016

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Ovation Riding is proud to once again be participating in International Helmet Awareness Day to be held Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016. Organized by the riders4helmets campaign, Ovation has been a participating helmet brand since the event was first started back in 2010. Participating Ovation retailers around the country will be offering special one-day-only discounts on Sept. 17, 2016. Find a participating retailer near you.

Ovation offers a range of ASTM certified helmets at an affordable price. Whether you are schooling or showing, we have a helmet for you. We even have helmets designed to fit the tiniest of heads. We’ll let our customers do the talking as to what they think of Ovation helmets…

Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet


“This is an awesome helmet! I love that it is matte, it always looks clean. I also love that it is adjustable, so it will fit me perfectly. And I also love the fact that the liners are washable. I have fallen 3 times now and never got a head injury! The only bad thing I can say about it is that the chin strap will get loose after a while, so just remember to tighten it every once in awhile. This is a great schooling helmet at a great price” – LPM916, Dover Saddlery customer review

DSC_4587“I love this helmet! I’ve been riding in one of these for I think the past 4-5 years. My first one was great, and I used it until I grew out of it. I had a fall in my second one and I was completely fine after. (still bought a new one of course) I’ve ridden in that new one since. I ride once a week, and also use that helmet for the small shows that I do. I clean it fairly regularly, but other than that I don’t really care for it in any special way, and it has held up great. Lastly, it’s super comfy! Although I do get pretty hot in it in the summer, and since I have the black one it will get very hot to the touch. It adjusts very well with the knob thing in the back. Overall It’s a great helmet and it won’t break the bank” – Angie’s Cobalt, Ovation website customer review

Ovation Protégé Helmet

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.43.40 PM“I bought this helmet after a bad accident in the summer of 2014 where my much cheaper helmet did not do a very good job of protecting my head. I am so glad I switched to Ovation because two weeks ago I fell off again. My arm is pretty badly messed up but my head seems to have come through unscathed. I will be purchasing a new one promptly. My parents are older riders and were so impressed with the helmet that they both purchased one for themselves in the matte style. This helmet is comfortable and by far one of the best looking on the market. It is a small price to pay for your life!” – Alexi, Ovation website customer review

Ovation Metallic Schooler Helmet

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 4.35.00 PM

“I’ve had several helmets & was looking for a new one that was a bit more low profile. This one fit great – super comfy – fits like a glove & the fit can also be adjusted once one w/a dial. It is so lightweight you don’t even know its on. Plus it doesn’t look quite as “dorky” as so many others! The price is unbeatable and it also comes in an array of colors” – Teresa, customer review.


14285084_1093322950759529_992088803_oOvation Z-6 Glitz Helmet

“I have sold a number of these helmets in all the various colors offered. They are flattering and sharp looking. Customers love the idea of a helmet with Bling and offered in a specific color. The fit is fantastic” – Manestreet Tack review.

“I bought this helmet a month ago because it looked very cute and lightweight for summer. It was even better than I expected and it is all that I use now! The sparkle looks amazing without being over the top. The dial fit provides a custom and comfortable fit. The removable liner and leather harness are such a nice features. The price is unbelievable for the quality and comfort of this helmet!” – Ashlee Jade, Smartpak customer review.

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