Horses Tack & Equipment

Ovation horse tack or Ovation horse equipment offers quality bridlework or strap goods for your horse or pony. Whether you are looking for a bridle, girth, reins, an English saddle or a new horse bit or saddle pad, Ovation has you covered.


Ovation saddles come in close contact, dressage as well as all purpose styles.


Ovation horse tack accessories include curb chain protectors, bridle parts, halter sets, girth extenders, girth covers etc.


Ovation bridlework like bridles, reins, girths or martingales for English disciplines of riding come in quality leather with fine stitching as well as durable fittings.

Ear Nets

Ovation ear nets add fly protection and keep ear plugs in place.


Ovation girths come in Dressage as well as English styles.


Ovation halters are offered in safety, grooming as well as show halter styles.

Horse Bits

Ovation horse bits for English style riding in popular styles like snaffle bits or pelhams, in sizes from mini through pony, horse or draft horse.

Leads & Lines

Ovation leads or lead lines are offered in a fancy stitched brown leather with a brass chain as well as in black leather with a silver colored chain to match a black halter.

Saddle Pads

Ovation saddle pads are offered in close contact, dressage or all purpose styles.

Stable Equipment

Ovation offers stable equipment like dressage cone sets or ear plugs for your horse.

Stirrup Leathers

Ovation stirrup leathers for close contact, dressage or all purpose saddles.