Put Your Boots on Cinderella, your prince charming is already at the barn

Put Your Boots on Cinderella, your prince charming is already at the barn

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We’ve all seen them… the “graphic image” barrier that social media puts up between you and an offensive image. For those of us who have an unbalanced percentage of equestrian friends, the claim “this is why you don’t wear flip flops at the barn” is an all too common companion to the pictures.

1200 lb horse, standing on solid feet and possibly shoes, meets an unprotected human foot, and voila, foot carnage. In fact, getting stepped on is one of the most common barn-related injuries, thanks to our graceful, yet not-so-spatially aware creatures.

And we all know better. Every barn’s list of rules includes a ‘proper footwear’ clause, yet we get complacent, and the allure of slipping on a pair of cool sandals or slides sounds awfully attractive after sweating in leather… “l’ll be super careful” is what we tell ourselves.

But let me ask you a question – how many times has your horse put a foot exactly where you were expecting, all the time? If they do, can you train my horse?

What about when he sidesteps in the wash stall because the water is a few degrees too cold?

Or how about that different color of dirt where someone emptied a water bucket, that clearly cannot be stepped on (but your foot can!)?

My horse has definitely not ever lost his balance trying to stick the cross tie in his mouth, and wound up using my foot as his balancing beam. (I’m rolling my eyes just as much typing that as I did when it actually happened)

As much as we want to think of our prince charmers as elegant, powerful, and graceful beings, they are also just one balance shift away from becoming a 1200lb torpedo on shaky stilts, waiting to take aim on nearby human appendages.

So those of us with human appendages, let’s at least try to appear smart and protect our precious podiatry. Luckily, the #AlwaysAmazing innovators at #OvationNation have given us plenty of options to do just that.

For those with a slightly rugged, yet elegant style, there is the Keswick Boot, featuring full grain waxy nubuck leather, MemoryFlex ™ insole, moisture wicking lining, and the ShockAbsorber ™ sole for long wear, abrasion-, acid-, and oil-resistance, and ergonomic flexibility. And they are available in both jod and zip styles.


For the synthetic leather fans, the Quantum (available in zippered or laced styles) provides a traditional paddock look, with the Vega ™ premium synthetic leather. ComforLast ™ cushioning technology ensures the wearer receives utmost comfort, while the DuraLast ™ TPR sole provides lightweight, wear resistant protection.

For the traditionalists, Ovation has released the Tuscany (available in lace or zipper). Made with Full grain, European cow leather, ComforLast ™ cushioning insole, and DuraLast ™ TPR outsole, this punched, round toe paddock provides style and comfort.

And for those who prefer the elegance of a square toe and ease of a zipper, Ovation has released the Vionix. It features top grain Brazilian cow leather, MemoryFlex ™ conforming European memory foam, and the same ShockAbsorber ™ sole as the Keswicks for ultimate long wear and comfort.

So yes, Cinderellas, let’s slip on something #AlwaysAmazing that won’t easily slip off, in order to protect our toes from our Prince Charmings.