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Here at Ovation, we absolutely love to see photos of our customers and their horses using our products. We have selected some of your most recent favorite photos and showcased them below. For a chance to be featured on our wall, follow us on Facebook and post your photos to our wall, or join us on Instagram and hash tag your pics with #OvationNation.


Cuteness rating 10 out of 10

How adorable is Miss Aubree in her brand new purple Ovation Riding Schooler helmet?

Ovation Schooler Helmet ReviewCRObbieQA (Dover Saddlery customer review) I took a bad fall when my horse spun around and bolted on a windy day. I hit the ground hard, with my head taking a real hit. My ears were ringing. After a couple minutes, I was able to get up and go after the horse. I hate to think what might have happened if I hadn’t been wearing my Ovation helmet.

Ovation Schooler Helmet ReviewChristina (OvationRiding website) OK, I admit the first reason I bought this helmet was that it was the cheapest helmet that looked good that I could find. All I wanted was a barn helmet that was safety rated. I am so surprised at how well it fits and how comfortable it is! As a plus, I don’t have a bowling ball on my head either! I have had it for about 9 months. Easy on and off. The ponytail cutout is in the perfect place. It stays in place without digging into my forehead. The vents keep my head from becoming a dripping mess. The straps stay the same length. It is so lightweight that you really don’t even realize it is up there. The dial works well to keep things snug. All in all a top bargain! I recommend it to all my students for a perfect lesson helmet! I would buy this again in heartbeat.


For the love of a horse rating 10 out of 10

We ❤️ this beautiful photo of Caroline Elgin who is one of the riders at Sprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center. Caroline is wearing an Ovation Riding helmet and half chaps. Photo: TLP Equine.

Ovation Precision Fit Half Chaps Review – juliaequestrian19 (Dover Saddlery customer review). So I’ve been riding for a total of four years, and since the beginning, I have always chosen these Ovation half chaps. They last a long time and never rip. I love the material for it fits your leg like a mold. I’ve only had to renew these chaps when my leg grew out of them. Love these half chaps, and recommend them!!






Secret hideout rating 10 out of 10

Thanks to J. Chaney for sharing this adorable “Puss in boots: Ovation Country Boot edition” photo . It simply doesn’t matter how many toys you buy a cat, they will always find something else to play with.








Safety first rating 10 out of 10

Turn and burn! Awesome photo of Michaela Ross competing in an Ovation Riding Metallic Protégé helmet by Russell Photography.

Ovation Metallic Protégé Helmet ReviewYvonne (OvationRiding website). Just bought two Ovation Protégé Metallic helmets. LOVE THEM! Light weight, very well ventilated, great visibility and fit. The fit was better for me than my Troxel. I LOVE the colors! I am looking to buy a few more!






My horse is a perfect model rating 10 out of 10

Beautiful photo of Nicole Acerbo’s horse, Miss Riley, wearing an Ovation Riding halter ??.



Best dad rating 10 out of 10

Ovation Riding helmets keeping my girl safe! I can’t say enough good things about this helmet’s fit and longevity. One year of riding with this helmet and it still looks new!” – Erica Leanne (Ovation Facebook page).



Preparedness rating 10 out of 10

You can never be too careful when sitting on a bench. A helmet will protect your head in the event of an unlikely tumble . Photo: Elizabeth Schlaeppi Johrendt‎.

Ovation Schooler Helmet ReviewLoveRiding (OvationRiding website). “I love this helmet! I got it for lessons and trail riding (but it’s IEA approved!), and it fits soo nice. It’s really sleek and not bulky at all. There’s a “crank”, I guess you can call it, that tightens the front and back so it fits your head! Love this helmet :)”

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