Ovation Helmets Save The Day

Ovation Helmets Save The Day

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Did you know…..? Ovation offers a range of ASTM certified helmets at an affordable price. Whether you are schooling or showing, we have a helmet for you. We even have helmets designed to fit the tiniest of heads.

Several of our customers have recently shared with us stories about how their Ovation helmets saved the day (and their head). Here are a few of their stories…

Ovation Z-6 Glitz Helmet

My Ovation Riding Z-6 Glitz helmet did it’s job today. We were riding down a long but not overly steep hill when an area that was eroded gave way under my horse’s front hoof. She started sliding, went to her knees and on to her chest. I went over her neck and hit hard on my head and rolled under my horse. I saw nothing but hooves in front of my face. The girl riding behind me said my niece horse did everything but turn cartwheels to avoid stepping on me. I’m sore today but not injured” – Carmalee Gier Scarpitti‎.

Ovation Protégé Helmet

“I just wanted to say thank you for your quality protective gear! My fiancé was in a riding accident today and was wearing your Ovation Riding Protégé helmet. It saved her life. The horse was young but had never given us any problems, it was just a random thing, combined with a little rider error. It goes to show that anything can happen. Needless to say I really appreciate you guys, I couldn’t be more grateful” – Michaela Ramsey

Ovation Sync Helmet

Super grateful for my Ovation Riding Sync helmet today! I got bucked off a green horse and landed right on my head. As shown, my helmet cracked but I escaped with no serious damage. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t been wearing a quality helmet!” – Megan Braze.

Ovation Schooler Helmet

Scuffed helmet = better than a dented skull. Thanks to my Ovation Riding Schooler helmet for keeping me safe with my last fall from my Morgan stallion. Even though it wasn’t THAT far of a fall (yay for a small, powerful horse). I never jump without my helmet” – Leslie Flowers

Please wear a helmet every time every ride. Don’t get on a horse without one. Last Wednesday an Ovation Riding helmet saved my life. I came off Daisy. I don’t know the details, one minute we were coming around K towards A. I was asking for the canter. The next thing I knew I was face down in a pool of blood and mud about 15 feet away.

I’m a good rider and I usually stay on when Daisy spooks but not this time.

I have a broken nose, stitches in my nostril, 5 staples behind my ear and a serious concussion. I will not be able to ride until I am cleared by my doctor.

I’m very grateful I had my helmet on and for Gods grace!! I will ride again someday. So please wear a helmet every time every ride!” – Shannon Lafaille.

Make sure your head stays safe. View the full range of Ovation helmets here.