Ovation Nation

Ovation Nation

December 28, 2016

Here at Ovation, we absolutely love to see photos of our customers and their horses using our products. We have selected some of your most recent favorite photos and showcased them below. For a chance to be featured on our wall, follow us on Facebook and post your photos to our wall, or join us on Instagram and hash tag your pics with #OvationNation.


Style rating 10 out of 10

“We choose Ovation Riding for all of his helmets and breeches and we couldn’t be happier!” – Mariah Rae.

Ovation Shadbelly ReviewGreat coat for the price I am very happy with my purchase of the Ovation Shadbelly. It is very nice quality for the price and my mare and I fit right in with all the other riders when we made our FEI debut in the PSG last week. Thanks again Ovation!” – MargoM (Smartpak Customer).

Ovation Performance Coat With Side Vents Review – “Super awesome coat! Cool, comfortable, and machine washable- quite helpful since my guy has a nasty habit of using me as a tissue at the most inconvenient times. I get compliments all the time and people are surprised when I tell them it is Ovation!” – Theresa (OvationRiding customer).


15731821_10154300587409366_9154395423072248369_oFriendship rating 10 out of 10

 A hug is the shortest distance between friends ?. Thanks to Liz Beeson for sharing this adorable picture of her nephew sporting his Ovation Riding helmet.


Ovation Dri-Tex Equalizer Girth Review –“I needed a girth to prevent chaffing on a large horse. The 58″ girth is perfect. The horse’s coat is clean and dry after riding. The girth stands up well. No bunching of the fleece. The buckle straps stay even. After easy machine washing and hang drying the girth’s condition is great” – Christine (EquestrianCollections customer).


Cool photo rating 10 out of 10

Spotted Ovation Riding Knee Patch Horseshoe Breeches. Thanks to abby.zar.eq (Instagram) for sharing this great pic of her Horseshow Breeches.

Ovation Ladies Rhona County Boots Review – “I absolutely love these boots. They were priced just right! They are very comfortable and warm. Wipe them off and they are stylish enough to wear around town. I’ve gotten so many compliments about these in just a few weeks of owning them. Love love love” – Emily (EquestrianCollections Customer).

Ovation Ladies Blair County Boots Review – “These boots kept my feet warm, but not hot. These refined, sporty boots are stylish and functional from walking indoors to trekking outside…love, love, love, and, nice compliments! Ovation keeps quality within an affordable price!” – Robin (EquestrianCollections Customer).


Comfy saddle rating 10 out of 10

 Thanks to bootsaussies (Instagram) for this photo of her Ovation Riding Tierra Monoflap Saddle.

Ovation Mudster Tall Barn Boots Review – “I really like these boots! They are very comfortable and durable. I would definitely recommend these to other people that work in the rain, mud and even snow. The prices are excellent as well” – Noahlani (statelinetack.com Customer).

Ovation AcuGel Dressage Girth Review –“This girth is very comfortable on my horse, she does not even notice when I tighten the buckles. It looks nice with my black dressage saddle. Love the material (keepers?) under the buckles to protect the horse’s sides. So far so good, glad I bought it” – Elmaid (statelinetack.com Customer).


Photogenic rating 10 out of 10

Thanks to tb_teddy (Instagram) for sharing this photo of her horse Rumour wearing her Ovation Figure 8 Jumper Bridle.

Ovation Europa Vari-Shim Half Pad Review – “I just purchased an Ovation Europa Vari-shim half pad and it is awesome! I want to share with you the review which I posted on Amazon: To put it simply, this pad is awesome! It is even nicer than the Mattes pad I borrowed from my friend–at less than half the price. Beyond the quality, the variety of shims makes it superior to the Mattes. I think Mattes has more than met its match. It’s just a matter of people discovering this pad and accepting the idea that Mattes isn’t the end-all-be-all in half pads. By the way, I have nothing against Mattes and I have nothing to gain by promoting this pad. I am just a very value oriented horse owner on a life-long mission to find the best products for my horse at the best prices. I am recommending this pad to the two saddle fitters in our area” – Leslie (OvationRiding website).